Robert Jardine, RK(UK), Dip.AH
Kinesiology, Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique.

I help you to overcome emotional issues and health issues through healing the emotional causes behind them. My therapy is gentle and works at a deep level to create long term healing. As you work with me the layers of emotional stress fall away enabling you to heal naturally and achieve your objectives. Research shows us that it is core level emotions that control our state of health and our feelings about life.

Very often symptoms start after difficult periods in life and continue for as long as these emotions are active within your unconscious mind. My therapy heals these emotions and promotes a rapid and full recovery.

Recommended for anyone who is suffering with a long term condition for example Crohn's or Psoriasis as with chronic conditions there is always an emotional element to them. Very often emotional healing is all that is needed for a complete recovery.

Kinesiology is a gentle technique of testing muscles which enables the body to indicate what is disturbing its natural balance. Hypnotherapy enables your unconscious mind to heal and overcome emotional issues. Emotional Freedom Technique heals us by taking the negative emotional energy away from trigger issues.

Please call 0141 649 1444 for available appointments.

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Robert Jardine