Interview with therapist Abbie

Chiropractic Massage Glasgow

How did you get into massage?

I consider massage to be an important part of maintaining good health. I discovered i had a natural affinity to massage, and decided to become a massage therapist because I love helping people. At the end of the day I find such fulfilment knowing that I have made a difference in the quality of my clients life.

Do you get massages yourself?

Weekly, if possible.

What does massage do for you?

Massage is a part of my lifestyle. If I didn’t do massage or recieve massage I would be completely different person, no doubt about it.

What are the main problems you come across as a therapist?

Posture: bad posture is the main cause of most pains you will feel. Having worked for several years with patients under Chiropractic care, I have become well aware of this!

Therapies Offered By ABBIE

Therapies Offered By Abbie

Aromatherapy Massage

Indian Head Massage

Deep Tissue Massage


Eve Taylor Facial

Swedish Massage


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