Interview with therapist Abbie

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How did you get into massage?

I consider massage to be an important part of maintaining good health. I discovered i had a natural affinity to massage, and decided to become a massage therapist because I love helping people. At the end of the day I find such fulfilment knowing that I have made a difference in the quality of my clients life.

Do you get massages yourself?

Weekly, if possible.

What does massage do for you?

Massage is a part of my lifestyle. If I didn’t do massage or recieve massage I would be completely different person, no doubt about it.

What are the main problems you come across as a therapist?

Posture – bad posture is the main cause of most pains you will feel!

Therapies Offered By ABBIE

Therapies Offered By Abbie

Aromatherapy Massage

Indian Head Massage

Deep Tissue Massage


Eve Taylor Facial

Swedish Massage


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