Aromatherapy Massage


Aromatherapy Massage is a deeply relaxing, calming and balancing treatment which is enhanced by the use of pure essential oils.

The natural essential oils are extracted from a wide variety of plants, herbs, flowers and trees and contain many healing properties which can be used to treat a wide variety of ailments.

These carefully blended essential oils are massaged on to the skin and at the same time they are inhaled.  Our sense of smell is directly linked to our brain and the aroma of the oils has an immediate effect on how we feel.

This massage can also help with the eliminations of toxins from the body.

Through a full consultation with the therapist they will determine which oils will be most beneficial for your treatment.

Aromatherapy Massage can help

  • Induce a feeling of deep relaxation in the body

  • Restore balance in the body

  • Stimulate the body’s natural immune system

  • Increase the oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues by increasing the blood circulation

  • Increase energy levels as blockages and congestion in the nerves are eased

  • Enhance lymphatic drainage – this helps to reduce fluid retention and prevent oedema

  • Promote a general state of well-being

  • Calm and soothe the mind

  • Reduce nervous tension

  • Lift the mood and reduce feelings of depression

I booked a 75 minute massage due to back ache and general tiredness and after having the treatment felt amazing. I was told after the massage by Leanne about the areas of my back she had focused on and the feedback was excellent. I would recommend serenity to all of my friends.
— Patrick - Glasgow

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