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My name is Breidge and I am a fully qualified Thai Therapist. I specialise in Thai treatment therapies. I have been receiving Thai treatments for many years and I have always been overwhelmed by the treatments and how re-energised I am after it – mind and body.

I completed my training in Thailand and graduated with Certification of High Achievements (under the supervision of the Ministry of Education of Thailand and Thai Ministry of Public Health).

After 22 years working in the financial sector, where most of my roles had a lot of targets and deliverables, I was under constant pressure to deliver a high service to clients. Two massive changes came within a 12-month period, where I knew I had to reassess my approach in life. However, I also knew I felt a great sense of relief when the changes happened, on top of leaving my job. I knew I had to slow down, and listen to body and mind before making any further decisions. Once I had revaluated my outlook, I had no idea what it would lead me to - in just under 2 years I have now graduated as a Thai Therapist! The biggest achievement for me is being able to offer my clients the support and treatments they need, which I’m loving and embracing every day of my new opportunity in life.

Breidge is so professional and really takes the time to work out what treatment will suit you best. I come away feeling refreshed, calm and the pain in my back greatly reduced. I can’t recommend highly enough, and am looking forward to the next treatment recommended for me. Thank you so much

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