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My name is Breidge, and I am a fully qualified Thai Therapist. I specialise in Thai therapies, something I have been receiving for many years, and I have always been overwhelmed by how re-energised they make me feel, both mind and body! Recently however I have started to broaden my skills and now offer a number of new, but complimentary therapies.   

I have been a practicing Thai Therapist for over 3 years, and I graduated with a “High Certificate of Achievement” under the supervision of the Ministry of Education in Thailand and the Thai Ministry of Public Health in Chiang Mai. Since returning to Scotland, I have continued to develop my skills in areas such as Thai Foot Therapy, Natural Beauty Facials, and most recently Functional Integrated Cupping Therapy. I chose these additional complimentary therapies in order to enhance the overall level of support I give to clients, that they can best achieve their goals.

It gives me the greatest satisfaction to offer my clients the treatments and support they need, and I love and embrace every day of this amazing opportunity. After working in challenging roles in the Financial Service Sector for 22 years, it’s a very welcome change!

Breidge is so professional and really takes the time to work out what treatment will suit you best. I come away feeling refreshed, calm and the pain in my back greatly reduced. I can’t recommend highly enough, and am looking forward to the next treatment recommended for me. Thank you so much

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