HealthShield Health Insurance

We are happy to provide receipts so that you may claim back your treatment cost from your HealthShield policy. Please be certain to book with a valid therapist as per the below list, to ensure that your claim will be paid. Therapists not in the below list are not included in the HealthShield plan for those treatments, due to qualifying under Scottish bodies.

Aromatherapy Massage – Abbie (VTCT), Suzanne (VTCT)
Chair Massage – Leanne (CThA), Paul (CThA)
Hypnotherapy – Fiona (BSCH)
Indian Head Massage – Abbie (VTCT), Leanne (CThA), Suzanne (VTCT)
Reflexology – Abbie (VTCT), Suzanne (VTCT)
Reiki – Leanne (RMT), Paul (RM)
Sports/Remedial Massage – Emil (ITEC)
Swedish Massage – Abbie (VTCT), Leanne (ITEC), Paul (ITEC), Suzanne (VTCT)
* list correct as of January 2018 HealthShield brochure (E&OE)

As HealthShield may update their criteria at any time, it is your responsibility to ensure you have booked with a valid therapist for your chosen treatment. We would be happy to confirm before you book in for your treatment, should you have any queries.


I had my first ever lava stone massage few weeks ago. Like other reviewers have commented, Leanne focussed on areas of tension, which was just what I needed! Overall it was a very relaxing experience and I would recommend Serenity Massage Therapy.
— Heather - Glasgow