What is Hypnotherapy?

Through Hypnosis we can reach deep levels of relaxation during which our mind is more open to positive suggestions.By addressing the subconscious mind, thinking and behaving can be effected to help us achieve what we want, and eliminate habits that can hold us back.

What can Hypnosis help with?

Hypnotherapy can be used to help with a wide variety of issues including:
Insomnia, Weight Management / Weight Loss, Anxiety, Stopping Smoking, Phobias, IBS, Pain Management, Stress Management, Performance Anxiety,
Panic, Worry, Trauma, Loss, Bereavement, Anger, Impatience, Shame, Guilt, Embarrassment, Intimidation, Sexual Issues, Study, Exams, Driving Test Performance, Sport, Work, Public Speaking Confidence Building and many other psychological and emotional issues.

How many sessions will I need?

The therapies offered provide effective and rapid treatment. Many people will find relief from their problem with only a few sessions. Less complex phobias such as public speaking, confidence building and relaxation can normally be addressed in one session.

Who will be my hypnotherapist?

Fiona Maule, Hypnotherapist (Glasgow Southside)

Fiona Maule is a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She trained at the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and is an associate member of British Society for Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH).


Insomnia, Weight Management / Weight Loss, Anxiety, Phobias, IBS, Pain Management, Stress Management, Performance Anxiety:- £60

It is important that you do really want to stop smoking as it entails some commitment from you. Stopping Smoking:- £80

Please contact 0141 6491444 to book.

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