The Serenity Membership

Taking care of your body helps keep you at your best, but you’ve got to make it a regular thing. Our memberships help you do more of what you and your body love!

£44 per month (SAVE £5) – only a 3 month contract!

You Receive as a Serenity Member:

1 x 60 Minute Customised Treatment per month

£10 Member Discount on any further visits

£10 Member Discount on Gift Vouchers

Free Treatment Upgrades Off-Peak (Tue/Wed/Thu, appt finishing by 5:30pm)

Exclusive Membership Treats

Free Treatment Upgrades when you refer friends to join

10% Discount on Products

Subscribe via Direct Debit  (payment on 1st of each month)

You will also receive an email reminder after each payment, to help you remember to book in your monthly treatment.

How it works

You pay an automatic monthly payment which entitles you to 1 x 60 minute treatment per month and the other membership benefits detailed. It is a 3 month membership commitment, and then it becomes a rolling membership that can be cancelled with 1 month notice. This is an option for those of you who want to make massage a regular part of your self-care, and a way to make it more affordable for you.


Book with your Membership


I went for my first lava shell massage a couple of weeks ago with Leanne, it was amazing, very relaxing and tailored to my areas of tension! The heat from the lava shells was very comforting, I would definitely recommend it! Leanne even sent me a text the day before my appointment to let me know there was a football match on at Hampden and that parking may be difficult, very helpful!
— Fiona - Glasgow