My personal journey towards a path in healing really began in 1989 when I was involved in a serious motor accident. I was left in a coma for several weeks, with both my legs broken just above each knee. My recovery from this physical and emotional trauma was a lengthy process, and even after many years, I still found myself suffering limited mobility, ongoing pain and unable to enjoy life as fully as I once had. I had to give up recreational activities that brought me pleasure as they required the full body movement and dexterity that I now found myself lacking.

As an Engineer and Technician by profession, I have always been drawn to understanding the process and logic behind how things work, so it was no surprise that as a healer and therapist I was drawn to hypnotherapy, kinesiology and emotional freedom technique: three incredibly powerful techniques which all aim to heal the physical by working with the psyche and working with the emotional, and as somebody who was exploring my own body's ability to heal, I was both curious and excited to try these treatments for myself.

I was amazed to find that after a few sessions, not only did I find I had better balance, movement and mobility, but I also found that my cognitive skills had improved! My reading and writing and the speed at which I processed words and information improved - as somebody who has had a lifelong struggle with dyslexia, this was incredible discovery. I wanted to find out more and most importantly share these incredible healing techniques with others which is why in 1998 I began my education, becoming a qualified therapist specialising in energy healing: dedicated to treating all those experiencing physical or emotional issues: from digestive issues like Crohn's disease to skin conditions such as Eczema to fears of flying or low energy and mild depression.

I do this work through a deep calling to help others. My healing abilities enable people to achieve a deep level of understanding of themselves and their condition, allowing emotional healing deep enough to create real change and it is my intention to be of service to you on your own healing journey.

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