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Thai Massage Glasgow

Thai Massage is performed on a cushioned mat on the floor (usually fully clothed) which allows specific movements to be carried out. A combination of pressure using palms, thumbs, fingers, elbows and feet, and additional stretching movements have a releasing effect on the body in the same way as Yoga postures do. These movements are usually repeated several times, in varying levels of pressure or action, to release energy blocks and tension in your body. The 2 hour Traditional Thai Massage treatment uses the more advanced Thai Yoga streches within the massage.

Your Thai Massage Therapist will move around the body in a calm and methodical way, which induces a meditative quality to the treatment. The whole body will be covered, with you lying on your back, side, front and sitting positions, with pillows for support as necessary.

Throughout the body there are energy lines, known within Thai Medicine as Sen Lines or Sen Channels, which support the flow of energy on a physical, emotional and mental level. The main 10 Sen Lines are focused on within Thai Massage practice, via pressure points and stretches, removing blockages and balancing the whole system to leave you energised yet relaxed and calm.

Thai Massage is invigorating and stimulating, leaving you feeling less tense and with more energy. This is your time, so each Thai Massage treatment is tailored to suit your needs. If you are looking for the best Thai Massage treatment in Glasgow, you will not be disappointed.

Benefits of Thai Massage include: release tension from your body, inducing deep rest and wellbeing; increase flexibility, mobility and range of movement throughout your body; reduce anxiety and stress; increase energy levels and vitality; and increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to benefit the immune system.

Traditional Thai Massage

Discover a traditional Thai Massage to open blocked energy pathways, leaving you feeling blissfully lighter and re-energised. A Foot Spa may also be included in massage treatments of 2 hours in length.

Thai Therapy Massage

This treatment handles individual issues relating to back, shoulders, neck, headache, knee, insomnia, and many more. This is carried out through acupressure points and massage. The massage a 15 minutes Thai Herbal Compress during this treatment. 

Thai Herbal Hot Compress Massage

This treatment is the ultimate relaxation; overall just divine!

Thai Herbal Compresses are a heated muslin ball of aromatic herbs and spices, used for centuries throughout Thailand to relieve tired and weary bodies and minds.

The compresses are soaked, steamed and then used on the body by either patting, pounding or rolling them onto the skin. The heat from the compress carries the herbal essences and essential oils deep into the skin, underlying tissues and organs. The treatment brings about a deep sensation of comfort and warmth whilst stimulating the body to detoxify and heal itself.

Note: If you have skin allergies to any herbs/essential oils please let Breidge know when booking.

Benefits of Thai Herbal Compress Massage

The combination of heat, herbs and massage is excellent for stress, anxiety and exhaustion, back pain, rheumatism and arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches and more. A short Foot Spa or Foot Massage may be included in the treatment.

•   Reduces tension through heat and the aromatic properties of the herbs.

•   Deep relaxation of muscle and nerve fibres, which can help relieve chronic pain arising from overuse/injuries.

•   Softens and nourishes the skin (many herbs are nourishing, exfoliating and restorative).

•   Eases respiration using aromatic herbal vapours.

•   Improves the circulation as the massage and heat dilates the blood vessels, enabling them to work more efficiently.

•   Aids the elimination of toxins and waste products through increased lymphatic circulation and detoxification provided by heat, herbs and massage.

Herbs used in this massage

More than 15 different herbs are normally packed into each compress ball and have beneficial physical and mental effects. Some herbs include camphor, ginger, eucalyptus, kaffir lime, lemongrass and turmeric. These herbs have positive effects on the circulation, respiratory and digestive system, relieve pain, and mental emotional distress.

I came away feeling refreshed, calm and the pain in my back greatly reduced. I can’t recommend highly enough and am looking forward to the next treatment. Thank you so much!

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