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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is respected and protected at Serenity Massage & Holistic Centre. Any private and sensitive information collected will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold. Private and/or sensitive information will not be disclosed to any third party without clients’ consent.

Clients’ personal identifying information, such as names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, are collected in order to contact and provide services to clients. Clients’ health information is collected and stored in the form of health history forms and treatment notes to assist with providing safe and effective services.

If any of therapists leave Serenity Massage & Holistic Centre, we may retain clients’ information, and provide it to those therapists if required.

Storage and protection of private details and health information:

Clients’ personal information (names and contact details) is stored:
in a filing cabinet at Serenity Massage & Holistic Centre
in the secure ‘Full Slate’ cloud-based client booking system
in the secure ‘Mailchimp’ cloud-based email marketing system.

Clients’ health information (health history forms and treatment notes) are stored in a filing cabinet at Serenity Massage & Holistic Centre.