Massage for Anxiety, Stress or Overwhelm

Do you need time off from it all, but can't take a holiday in the forseeable future?
Do you feel like you can't go on like this, but you have too much on your plate?

Imagine going to bed, deeply relaxed, and getting to sleep within minutes.
Imagine getting up, feeling fully rested and full of natural energy, and looking forward to the day ahead.
Imagine not having to rely on caffeine to get you through the day, and falling asleep at night, calm but without that exhausted feeling.

Chronically high stress-hormone levels are accepted as a factor in increased illnesses and number of sick days.
Relaxing massage has been demonstrated to lower the stress response, prevalent in today's hectic work environment.

What treatment should I book?

Aromatherapy Massage will give the most stress-relief, with light and relaxing strokes.
Essential Oils, specially chosen for their relaxing properties, are gently massaged in to your body, focusing on areas where tension builds, such as the shoulders.
Some Indian Head Massage may be included, easing tension from your head and face - please advise your therapist if you wish to avoid oil on these areas!
If you have a little extra tension, we will be happy to use the firmer pressure of a Swedish Massage upon request.

We pride ourselves on our superior cushioned face-cradles and electric fleece blankets for your maximum comfort, allowing you to drift off during your treatment if you so wish!

Your therapist will always work on all the relevant areas, so do not worry too much about choosing the correct treatment. Please remember that you can tell your therapist at any time if you would like the pressure to be adjusted. We are more than happy to accept feedback, and we wish you to be in the greatest level of comfort at all times!

Book Your First Session (including free consultation)

What to expect

Please arrive around 5 minutes before your first appointment where possible, as you will be asked to fill out a medical form.
Where pain is present, we will go through a Confidential Consultation and Full Assessment, to establish your expected outcomes, and explain the treatment to you.
Your modesty will be preserved. Some mobilisations and stretches can be done fully clothed. When being massaged, you will be covered with a towel, with the exception of the area being worked on. Please bring a pair of loose shorts (and a vest top for females) for your assessment.

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