Migraine Headache Relief Glasgow

Do you suffer from headaches 3 or more times in a month?
Imagine going for 4 weeks in a row without pain! How good would that feel?

Ninety percent of all headaches are tension headaches, brought on by muscle contraction caused by stress.
Of the remaining ten percent, muscle-contraction is implicated in many chronic headaches.

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As we reduce muscle tension in the face, scalp and neck, you may notice an (often immediate) reduction in pain.
Over a course of treatments, we aim to stop you having regular headaches.

How would that change your life? Would you have:

  • more time to do the things you enjoy?

  • less time off work, and increased productivity when you are there?

  • less reliance on pain-killers?

What treatment should I book?

Remedial Massage will give the most relief from pain coming from excessive tension in the neck & shoulder areas.
Indian Head Massage will work in to the head and face also, as tension in these areas may also cause pain.
Swedish Massage is a happy medium, working on all of the above areas, aiming to combine relaxation with the correct level of effective pressure.

We pride ourselves on our superior cushioned face cradles for your maximum comfort, as standard face cradles can often exacerbate head pain!

Your therapist will always work on all the relevant areas, so do not worry too much about choosing the correct treatment. Please remember that you can tell your therapist at any time if you would like the pressure to be adjusted. We are more than happy to accept feedback, and we wish you to be in the greatest level of comfort at all times!

Book Your First Session (including free consultation)

What to expect

Please arrive around 5 minutes before your first appointment where possible, as you will be asked to fill out a medical form.
Where pain is present, we will go through a Confidential Consultation and Full Assessment, to establish your expected outcomes, and explain the treatment to you.
Your modesty will be preserved. Some mobilisations and stretches can be done fully clothed. When being massaged, you will be covered with a towel, with the exception of the area being worked on. Please bring a pair of loose shorts (and a vest top for females) for your assessment.

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