NECK Pain Relief Glasgow

Did you wake up one morning with a stiff neck, thinking you slept the wrong way, and you are still stiff 2 days later?
Do you wish you could turn your head fully, without restriction, when driving?

Imagine what it would be like to sleep in comfort?
Would you wake up feeling refreshed, full of natural energy for the day ahead?

What treatment should I book?

Remedial Massage will give the most relief from pain. You may still feel achy due to inflammation for a day or two after your session, however relaxed muscle tension will reduce the ongoing strain. Please remember that you can tell your therapist at any time if you would like the pressure to be adjusted. We are more than happy to accept feedback, and we do not want you to go through increased pain during any point of your session!
If you are not in pain, Swedish Massage will help with the stiffness and your restricted movement, while providing a relaxing pain-free experience.

Book Your First Session (including free consultation)

What to expect

Please arrive around 5 minutes before your first appointment where possible, as you will be asked to fill out a medical form.
Where pain is present, we will go through a Confidential Consultation and Full Assessment, to establish your expected outcomes, and explain the treatment to you.
Your modesty will be preserved. Some mobilisations and stretches can be done fully clothed. When being massaged, you will be covered with a towel, with the exception of the area being worked on. Please bring a pair of loose shorts (and a vest top for females) for your assessment.

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